#2 - The Old Compass - Responsus Part 2 - Moral Courage - Truthfulness


#2 - The Old Compass - Responsus Part 2 - Moral Courage - Truthfulness MAG-TOC-02
The Old Compass
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Responsus Part 2"

A Downloadable Kids' Magazine PDF Booklet (20 Pages- No commercial) with the MP3 Audio Adventure Responsus Part 2- Now with Bonus Sheets!

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Responsus Part 2 is the second part of a two parts audio adventure. Check out the Combo Special Responsus Combo

Moral Courage - Truthfulness - Soup Kitchen

  • Grades: 1-6
  • Duration: One class- About 50 minutes
  • Type: Audio Adventure/Magazine/Activity sheets/Answer keys
  • Characters: The Old Compass Adventures.
  • Audio-length: Approx. 26 Minutes

Summary of the Audio Adventure

Find out the surprising conclusion of Noranda’s response to school gossiping. Will she solve the mystery of her writing in the manuscript? Eric and Kursten get themselves in trouble when they try to get the hot scoop on fellow schoolmate Chad Robinson. Will the school newspaper agree to publish their article?

Over 26 minutes of great audio entertainment. Your children will listen to it in the car, in the house or on their own portable MP3 player. Children use their imagination!
The magazine has articles, puzzles and interactive pages that will keep your children busy while they listen to the audio story. Reinforce the concepts learned in the audio drama.
Stories promote moral values and critical thinking. Teach your children about truthfulness and the role of soup kitchen in our society.
Eco-friendly! Print only the pages you want. Designed for home printing in mind, keeping a good balance of color and yet rendering captivating black and white printing as well.

Sneak peek from the magazine

Preview the Audio Adventure "Responsus Part 2"

Once again, I am including my character building bonus sheets...

I am now including bonus activity sheets with our audio adventures and magazines. I'm serious about giving parents and educators outstanding resources at low prices. Here is the proof, I have thrown in even more activity sheets, have a look:

Look at one of my bonus sheets:

(Please note "Responsus Part 2" is the first of a two part series.) Click here to find out about "Responsus Part 1"

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Wow! That's 40 pages of activities, articles, mysteries and puzzles + The Bonus Sheets + Over 45 minutes of Audio Adventures

(You won't find a deal like that anywhere else.)


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