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Solar System - A character education lesson plan to teach young students the difference between tattling and telling.

Solar System Cover - Reporting Bullying

A Lesson on Reporting Bullying from the Solar System! Kids will learn to seek adult help when dealing with bullies.

Downloadable MP3 of Audio Adventure and PDF of Lesson Plan and Worksheets.

Preview the audio drama

Solar System Skits for Kids on reporting bullying

Theme: Allusion to planets from the solar system. Obviously Uran and Saturn are the bullies picking on Mars. Jupiter refuses to join them. Jupiter and Eartha must make the decision to report or not report the bullying to Mr. Sun. They go on to discuss the difference between tattling vs telling. Neptune refuses to take a stand on either side. Bullying is presented from the perspective of a bystander. Explore the fact that sometimes reporting bullying is not just “tattling” but actually the right thing to do.

Here is what you get with your immediate download!

Description of Bullying Lesson

One pre-recorded dramatic skit on reporting bullying to an adult.

Use the skit as a discussion starter, radio-theatre, puppet play etc... ”Solar System” is a downloadable item only in MP3 audio format of about 4.4 MB in size, length of skit is 4:51 minutes. Cd burning of E-Trax file permitted for personal use or for the purchaser’s own educational (non-profit) settings. The bit rate is 128 Kbps/Sample rate 44.100 KHZ-Stereo. Please note worksheets were designed for black and white printing.

Preview one of the worksheets

Solar System Worksheet

Overview of the Lesson Plan:

This is a lesson plan based on the audio track “Solar System” from Trax4Life Media. The students will “observe” some interactions in our solar system. Uran and Saturn are big bullies picking on Mars. Jupiter refuses to join them. Jupiter and Eartha must decide whether to report the bullying to Mr. Sun. Neptune refuses to take a stand on either side. See bullying from the perspective of bystanders and explore that sometimes reporting bullying is not “tattling” but actually the right thing to do.


  1. Students will develop character.
  2. Students will learn to report bullying.
  3. Students will review the solar system.
  4. Students will learn the difference between telling and tattling.
  5. Students will learn about bullying by completing the worksheets.
  6. Students will learn from Jupiter to stand up for what is right, even it is against the crowd.
  7. Students will learn to write their thoughts down on the worksheets.

Resources and Materials:

  • Poster or drawing of the solar system at the front of the class.
  • Digital Audio player (i.e. CD, MP3, Wave) of the “Solar System” audio track
  • Selected worksheets for your grade level
  • Pens/pencils
  • Coloring crayons (depending on grade level)
  • Optional: (your choice) copy of the script.

Solar System Lesson Plan Tattling vs Telling

Teacher Preparation:

Have your poster or drawing of the solar system ready at the front of the class. Photocopy the grade level appropriate worksheets you have selected. Make sure your audio player is cued to the track “Solar System”. Also make sure the audio player has sufficient volume to be heard by all students in the classroom setting.


Briefly review the solar system with your students. Focus on the size of the planets. You may also point out the fact Pluto was rejected as a planet and is now dejected.

Choose a volunteer to come to the front of the classroom and read this brief summary.

Today we are learning about bullying. We will learn that there is a difference between telling and tattling. To tell someone about an incident to get someone out of trouble is called telling. To tell someone about an incident to get that person in trouble is tattling.

We are going to hear a story about bullying. When Saturn and Uran found out Mr. Sun has stepped out for a while, they decide to bully Mars by throwing asteroids at him. Please listen carefully to the reactions of the other planets. Just like it happens to us sometimes, the other planets could not stop the bullying by themselves. So the choice is for them is to decide whether or not to report the bullying to Mr. Sun.

Worksheet on Tattling vs Telling


Play the audio track “Solar System”. Ideally you can have students who have rehearsed the track perform with puppets or as a drama.

Discuss the audio track. You can divide the class into small group to discuss these points. What solutions do they suggest to the following points?

  1. What is the difference between telling and tattling?
  2. Is it right for a bystander (like Neptune in the story) to just ignore bullying?
  3. What are the reactions of the three bystanders, Eartha, Neptune and Jupiter?
  4. Is there a difference between teasing and taunting? If so, what is it?
  5. Why is it important to report bullying?

Distribute the appropriate worksheets you have chosen and have your students complete them.


Students can be evaluated based on written answers, teacher observation, or participation in group discussions. Students can also be evaluated through drama/puppet performance should you have decided to proceed with these wonderful teaching methods.

Solar System

Grades 1-6

Lesson Plan on Tattling


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