Learn about a soup kitchen!


Do you know what a soup kitchen is? Last week I followed a schoolmate and had an adventure I didn’t think could happen!

Sometimes my schoolmate Chad volunteers at a place called “The Overpass.”

Chad Robinson - Moral Courage

The Overpass is a soup kitchen, which is not just a place they make soup!

All sorts of people volunteer to help make food for people who can’t afford to buy food themselves.

Some of the people who volunteer there are also some of the people who need to eat there.

Soup Kitchen

I got to work in the soup kitchen for the afternoon.

Mostly I just peeled oranges and made orange juice.

It was a lot of work! Other volunteers made soup and snacks, and some helped clean up and wash dishes.

They serve different food every day, and there’s always a lot of work to do!

It was great to see everyone working together to help people!

Volounteers at soup kitchen

At first I was scared of the people who were coming there to eat.

Some of them have dirty clothes, or haven’t had their hair cut in a really long time.

Once I started talking to them, I wasn’t scared anymore.

Before I helped out, I thought street people were weird.

Homeless 20.75x

By talking to them, I found out that some are just regular people who had bad luck!

Some of them even have a house and a job, but just don’t have the money to buy food.

Sometimes, people only come there until they have enough money to buy food.

Most of the people were really happy that I was helping there and they were really thankful for the food we gave them.


Even though I peeled oranges without getting paid, it felt really good to know I was helping people who really needed it.

I followed my schoolmate Chad because I thought he was going on secret adventures.

What I found out was that he wasn’t having adventures, he was helping people!

I think next time I won’t be so quick to judge, and instead of following him secretly, I’ll come along and help too!

Girl Helping Homeless

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